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Europe, liver of the world

Here they are some words in English language. Do you know the "Etruscan liver"? And the "Hittite liver"? And the "Babylonian liver"? They could be "livers", too. But what is a "liver"? Where is our "life"? In the "liver"?

Yes... because these "livers" are maps of Italy-Europe in the ancient times. This is the true "magick" inside. With them we can know geography and history of Italy and Europe in the ancient times:

I cannot translate everything I am writing in Italian language. But I am putting pictures in English language, and a picture is "more than thousands of words". I hope you can understand the high value of this site. Please, see the pictures and get a new way of thinking Europe. In English language:

Translations from tablets are by KW (when not specified otherwise) and here it is the book:

Well... "KW" is not the "book", obviously... she is a woman named Ulla Koch-Westenholz. Good life to her and to everyone who is reading.

Mauro Risani from Italy (